[Harvard English] scare up something

[Speech Tip] 이 정도는 사용할 줄 알아야, '영어 좀 하네', 인정 받을 수 있어요!

scare up something   마련하다, 이용하다

to find or obtain something that is not easily available

At the very least, I’m sure he’ll have some original ideas on how to scare up some cash.We discovered it was impossible to scare up an audience for the game.

HBR 아티클에서는 이렇게 사용하고 있어요.

“In this scenario, most businesspeople agree that even though Coca-Cola’s physical assets remained intact, the company would find it difficult to scare up the funds to restart operations.”

– 12월호 아티클, “When Marketing is Strategy” 중에서

[HBR Jargon] 알고 있으면 도움이 되는 용어!

Me-too positioning  미투상품전략 

“me-too positioning” is to try and position very closely to a market leader. This is a relatively common marketing strategy for smaller brands. By aligning their brand name, packaging, colors and product design as closely as possible to a major player, the brand hopes that they will pick up some market share. Their goal is for either consumers to confuse the two brands or to perceive that the two brands are quite similar. And as the me-too brand tends to be quite price competitive, it should achieve a reasonable sales volume, particularly from budget-conscious shoppers.

HBR 아티클에서는 이렇게 사용하고 있어요.

“In 2003, Bayer introduced Levitra, the first competitor to Viagra. The drug had a profile very similar to Viagra’s and a slightly lower price-classic ‘me-too’ positioning.”

– 12월호 아티클, “When Marketing is Strategy” 중에서